I’m Here Original Song

I hope you enjoy my original song “I’m Here.” The first thing people say when I tell them I wrote a song is, “Really? I didn’t know you were musical.” Well, I’m not really musical, but God gave me the inspiration (which coincidentally was when I was pregnant with our daughter Siena before we even knew it!) Then He sent me Raymon and Stephanie, who generously shared their piano and singing talents. Enjoy!

Here is the back story:
I’ve been involved in “40 Days for Life” the international movement started in Texas to end abortion via peaceful prayer vigil (see previous post “How to save a life”). We pray hard (and fast) outside abortion facilities one hour at a time, in hopes of changing hearts one at a time. I found that towards the end of my hour I would always have 5 minutes or so where I knew God knew my heart completely and I wished I had something like a song to sing. I can’t tell you why I didn’t just Google “pro-life songs” but instead I decided I should write a song.

I sat down and wrote “I’m Here” during the early weeks of pregnancy (4-8 weeks), which of course is when most abortions occur. Not what I expected when I sat down, I was envisioning something more like a prayer or a chant I would sing to myself. Obviously, the Holy Spirit had something else in mind, I hope you enjoyed it! It has been a long two years in the making especially for my husband who was at home with the girls as we worked out all the kinks! A huge thank you to Raymon and Stephanie for all their contributions to the recording and development of this song.

If you are interested in more about “I’m Here,” see my next post “Behind the Lyrics.”

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5 thoughts on “I’m Here Original Song

  1. This is awesome!
    And for the record, I do thing you are musical 🙂
    Keep the good work!

    1. truly lovely. Keep up the good work. There are so many good people around.
      We just need to keep speaking up and telling the truth.
      God bless your work.

  2. This is beautiful! What a great job. I am so impressed with you and with the beautiful words. And the photos are remarkable as well!

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